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Hello HUMANs! Don't forget tom [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2020-02-24 17:06:17

Hello HUMANs!

Don't forget tomorrow's Working Board meeting, 3pm CST (check time zones!!!)
Notes are here

feel free to create/add to the agenda, which will include:
Officer nominations (you for treasurer? co-officers welcome)
Work flow updates and next steps.

Please bring your calendars. Lots of learning and sharing opportunities coming up, and plenty of chances to engage in fun work that will benefit your projects, especially in the areas of: communications (including curriculum and game development, pattern language work, design); tech (including local work on/through the MAP, timebanking software, common good, savings pool software dreams, plus global interoperability dream realizing); social (especially refining/defining role, rights and responsibilities of partner projects - moving forward from 'pilots' to 'partners', recruiting, making agreements, orienting, and ongoing)

OK, that was long. Please rsvp. Please reach out to your friends on the board whom we haven't seen, and check in to help them get to the meeting. And think about if/who we should be recruiting. board meetings are open if you want anyone to sit in to check it out