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Hi HUMANs board meeting again [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2019-05-30 20:17:18


HUMANs board meeting again next Tue, June 4, 3:30pm CDT.
Be there or be square! I'd like to use zoom but not sure it works for everyone. Can you please test it? especially outside the US folx?

Instructions at our regular instructions page, under 'resources' at

I'll start the gotomeeting as well, in case folx can't access zoom.

and here are the commitments from last time:

MJ: Treasurer’s report through April 1, 2019
Need actual statements to verify/reconcile the beginning/ending balances in reports
Need statement for April.
Can Stephanie/Lora forward the monthly statement to me by the 8th of each month?
MJ: Doodle: One-off Solidarity Learning (growing pains); please click on the link and enter your availability. Dates ranges from May 21 - Jun 7, with a wide range of starting times (12:30-7pm Central, 7pm onward for England, 7am onward for New Zealand)
Outdated/needing updated proposal for Good Work -