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Hello all! Reminder for Tuesda [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2019-03-02 22:52:49

Hello all!

Reminder for Tuesday's HUMANs board meeting 3:30-5pm CT. Please check time zones! And let me know if you won't make it.

Here are last meeting's commitment reviews - and below I'll ask a few of you to help meet mine if you're available Monday (Kate and Anneleise! Eli!)

All: Committed to reviewing the symbiosis material and come prepared to vote on whether we should become a Symbiosis members and/or what extent HUMANs should collaborate/partner.

Stephanie requested more support for the fundraising group. Kurt offered.
Group is: Stephanie, Eli, Laura, Kathy, Kurt, and Monica. Kurt/Stephanie will set their first meeting date/time before the next working BOD meeting.

Lunch and Learns (at MAWs)
MAP learning. Stephanie will look into posting it to a wider audience. (still to be scheduled 3.2)

Communication Committee
Kate and Anneleise agreed to join. Stephanie will set up workflows.


my own requests for action prior to teh board meeting:

KATE AND ANNELEISE - I'm spending Monday on my website updates, which have been prepped for by Monica and Kathy (thx!). Do you have any time to help me out before the board meeting? If not let's set up a time to start more of a work flow.

Fundraising group (see commitment review above)- what days and times are good to meet? How about the 2nd Tuesday - March 12 at 4CT (right after the pilot site meetup)?

OK, thanks. Talk to you soon

ps meeting instructions
and here as always: