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Hello beautiful humans (and HU [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2019-01-07 22:26:06

Hello beautiful humans (and HUMANs advisory board members)

Hello HUMANs working board members,

Happy new year!

To celebrate a new era for all of us, I’m inviting you to join us online for one hour on Sunday July 20, ideally 3:30-4:30 CST but still subject to change based on folks’ availability, including yours - where the topic is Mutual Aid partners - global (feat. HUMANs board, adv board, and pilot sites and we can certainly give it a catchier title).

The event is based here in Madison Wisconsin where we’ll be opening our MAW - the new Mutual Aid Workspace in the Social Justice Center. It’s in my neighborhood, very public-facing, and is our new co-working and collaboration space where we’ll demonstrate abundance through cooperation using Mutual Aid Network tools. including timebanking, price-based mutual credit, common funds (hybrid savings pool/revolving loan model we’re excited to test), and commons. It’s going to be awesome!

You can help kick it off by joining us on our first opening day, Sunday July 20. I’ll paste the agenda below, all times in CST. and we can still shift if a different time of day would enable more of you to participate.

Ideally I’ll show a slide about each of you and you say a quick hello, in addition to our pilot site stewards and advisory board members. The theme is ‘partners around the world’ and the aim is to get local people (we’re inviting folks to gather in their own locations and join online, also, so could be a really interesting look at a little global/local community) jazzed about all the ideas you/we have created over time, and will create into the future.

Edgar Cahn (founder of timebanks USA and considered a father - among mothers - of timebanking) was the first advisory board member to reply, within a minute, and agree to be with us. Yay!

You in?

I hope so!!

And hoping the best for all of you and yours in the new year.

Take care,
Stephanie Rearick

Sunday July 20 MAW opening draft schedule
all times in CST

12-12:30 welcome reception
12:30-1:30 MAW partners - internal
1:30-2 reception
2 - 3 MAW partners - external (local biz, allied coop, etc)
3-3:30 reception
3:30-4:30 MAW partners - global (HUMANs board, adv board, and pilots)
4:30 - 5 reception
5 - 6 the methods to our MANness - poshterity budgeting, common fund, project development, the MAP