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hi Meeting Tuesday 3:30-5pm CS [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2018-12-17 00:46:52


Meeting Tuesday 3:30-5pm CST!!! please be there

Sorry I'm late with the reminder again, and still working on fixing my habits (in the midst of huge push to open our MAW here which is distracting and taking all my time)

I'm going to paste an email under this message, and would like to discuss the topic - it's the Symbiosis launch statement and other stuff, they want to partner and all of you need to learn enough to know what we'd like to do. Maybe not to decide this Tuesday but at least to get the ball rolling...

And please go add your bios to the google doc right now! and we'll talk about them Tuesday


On Nov 12, 2018, at 4:45 PM, Mason Herson-Hord <> wrote:

Hi Stephanie and Scott,

I wanted to make sure we caught HUMANs up to speed on the developments over this summer and fall. I know HUMANs hasn't officially come on as a partner organization, but we think your work is very important and would love to have you on board in any capacity. Scott has been involved in a couple of our working groups in an on-going way, but I'm also here as a resource too if either of you have any questions.

We had two gatherings this summer, one at the Fearless Cities conference in NYC and another in Vermont prior to the ISE's annual gathering. Afterwards, multiple Symbiosis working groups have been compiling those conversations with partners and allies into some concrete proposals. We've put together a packet of four documents and a brief survey for all partner organizations. These documents are in a Google Drive folder here that you have access to.

Please do not share these publicly yet. These are drafts which require edits and feedback from all of our partner organizations before being published. Feel free to share them internally, and if you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear them.

First, we have written a report back on the discussions at the Fearless Cities network gathering and the Vermont retreat. This document provides context to the others, explaining what consensus was reached at these meetings and what questions remain. No edits or feedback on this document is necessary, as we don't need to publish it, but I am happy to answer any questions you may have about it.

Second, we have drafted a launch statement to announce the summer 2019 congress and its goals. We have been calling it "Build the Movement" as a placeholder title, but we would love your ideas for other titles too. We are asking partner organizations to provide any desired edits and to sign on to it, which we would put out jointly. Please be specific if there are areas that need to be changed for you to be comfortable attaching your organization's name to it.

Third, we put together a bylaws proposal for Symbiosis. This codifies the areas of consensus around structure established in our meetings with partners over the summer. We need organizations that are considering being member organizations of Symbiosis (those that are local groups directly engaged in this sort of movement-building) to read through these, put forth any desired amendments for consideration, and approve them so they can be adopted. Several open questions are listed at the top of the document. Please be specific if there are areas that need to be changed for you to be comfortable ratifying these bylaws.

Fourth is our survey about the congress. Each partner organization should submit one response for their organization as a whole, though individuals who hope to participate in or contribute to the congress are invited to fill it out as well. It should not take long, asking about preferred dates, location, length, and other crucial matters, though discussion within your organization about these questions may take more time, depending on your process.

Fifth is our new member orientation document. We require no response about this one, but feel free to share it amongst your members. It is intended to be a resource for on-boarding any new people, including individuals in member organizations who want to be involved in Symbiosis working groups in some respect.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or technical challenges. We intend to make our public announcements about congress details at the beginning of December, so if HUMANs is interested in being one of the first round of signatories on the launch statement, but we would appreciate it immensely if we could hear back by then.