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greetings all! Michael here fr [...]

Michael Giroux
- 2018-11-06 02:47:16

greetings all!

Michael here from the Narragansett Bay.
For a while now I have considered doing an evening call, open session for hearing ideas and seeing how they may be applied through cooperative support. Similar in nature to the Pilot Site calls, but geared more to individuals.

I created a post on Steemit -> can be directed for sharing:

I will go with the first call November 6, tuesday, at 8pm Central time / 2am GMT.
Call into the same GoToMeeting as the usual calls!

More details at the Steemit link. Feel free to join, and please send out to anyone who may like to hear more. We can walk through how our own skills and hopes can work into how Mutual Aid Networks concepts bring these potentials along.

It's also of course what we make of it!! My theme for this week is to Vote For Ourselves !!