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Hello HUMANs board members, Pl [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2021-03-12 17:30:26

Hello HUMANs board members,

Please plan to attend our next board meeting Tuesday March 16, 2pmCDT - CHECK THE TIME ZONE CONVERTER!!! We have a stupid time change here this week so it might be a different time difference than you're used to.

zoom link:

We need to elect officers and it would be great if you know you'd like to consider any of these positions:

President - I'm president and happy to remain in the role but also happy if someone else wants to step in or suggest that we make a change. Regular President duties of running meetings, keeping flow going, paying attention to organizational requirements

Vice President - backup for President

Secretary - Taking minutes or arranging for someone to do so, being sure records and notices are kept and shared as needed, and as legally required.

Treasurer - Does NOT have to be a board member. Oversees financial record-keeping and staying in all fiscally-related legal compliance.

Do you or someone you know seem like a good candidate for one of these positions? have any questions? There's more info in our HUMANs google drive in case you want to look around.

And these are our commitments from last meeting:
Needs/next steps:
Research idealoom/multilingual capacities for future summits and Saturdays
AH will pull together board officer descriptions for email
Arrange to record live sessions and share in session room/s - harvests, try video
KM help with wellness thread
Test for March 20-21 - Friday or Saturday planning session, or March 15, or set up specific test. Create our own instance if works well. SR, SSG, TJ