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if anyone wants to attend the World Social Forum ONLINE in 2021.  Scheduled for the last week of Jan (23-31).  Surely will be a huge, diverse, heated, messy gathering.  If yr into that kinda thing, it should prove interesting ;)  I havent yet looked at the schedule, but if its like past social forums, you can be sure that someone will cover just about every topic you could possibly want (but most likely all 10 of the ones youd like to attend are scheduled at the exact same time ;)  

Please find details on self-organizing and/or joining events at the links below.


Over the last week of January 2021, The World Social Forum will meet as a virtual event

Organizations and social movements around the world are invited to build together the next edition of the World Social Forum and to participate in its activities that will take place in the last week of January 2021.

All participants expressed their enthusiasm for the event, considering the gravity and urgency of the challenges of the current situation and the need to articulate global and territorial campaigns and actions to face them.

In addition to strengthening the dissemination of the next WSF around the world, several of the participants decided to join the organization of their Facilitating Group, which met on November 4 , Wednesday

Your organization, movement or world network is also invited to this  co-construction : to be part of this  Facilitating Group , to be included in its working groups, to build self-managed activities that contribute to efforts to articulate and prepare actions.

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January 12, 2021

On Friday January 29, activities dedicated to the climate, ecology and environment of WSF January 2021 Virtual will take place: General session, Parallel sessions and Self-organized events. 

General session CLIMATE EMERGENCY AND EXTINCTION OF SPECIES begins at 13 hours UCT. Speakers: Ariel Saleh, Ecofeminist from Australia, Lao Khin Chi from the Global Sustainability Conference of China, Soumya Dutta of SAPPAC India, Patrick Bond, professor and activist from South Africa, Nnimmo Bassey of Mother Earth Foundation and Oil Watch from Nigeria, Blanca Chancosa from CONAIE Ecuador and two other outstanding speakers to be confirmed.

Parallel sessions start after the general session, at UCT 15.30 and will be as follows:

1.       System Change Not Climate Change.

2.       Environmental Struggles in the Rural, to change the system.

3.       Environmental Struggles in the City, to change the system.

4.       Local and Global Struggles, to save the Planet.

 These sessions will be held in English, with translation into Spanish, French, Portuguese. 

 The self-organized events start at 18 UCT and are being registered on

On Saturday January 30, there will be two Self-organized assemblies linked to climate, ecology and environment:

1.       Assembly What do we mean by System Change? begins at 12 UCT

2.       Assembly of Movements for Peace, Society and the Environment. 

On 23 January, the World March will take place, featuring videos of many different social movements, including those linked to the climate, ecology and environment being registered in the website of FSM. See

Contacts of the Climate, Ecology and Environment Thematic Space WG

Tord Björk, Sweden: tord.bjork@gmail

Marcela Escribano, Canada,

Marko Ulvila, Finland:

Soumya Dutta, India:

Vijay Pratap, India:

 Miguel Valencia, México;

Miguel Valencia Mulkay
ECOMUNIDADES,Red Ecologista Autónoma de la Cuenca de México
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