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HUMANs Solidarity Summit 1/23-24 - links to make expo booths, sessions, rsvp, or just learn more

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2021-01-08 19:45:07
Hello humans,

I hope this finds you well. So much more could be said, but I’ll stick with - I’m more glad than ever for the solidarity I feel with people like you around the world.

We’ll celebrate that at our next Solidarity Summit, Jan 23-24. We’d love for you and/or your work to have some kind of presence there, if you’d like to. And anyone in your worlds who you think would enjoy or benefit from the experience. You’re welcome to do as little or as much as you like, including helping to shape or steward parts of it. Or just popping in and listening occasionally, or just pointing us to a website that you’d like to share that shows your work. We’d really like to be encouraging participants to support you in whatever ways you’re seeking if you wish.

ALSO - if you do any kind of performance, would you like to be part of the HUMAN Stage sometime Saturday evening? it’d be nice to have a few performances.

Here are some links for you. I made the invitation and flyer and there’s plenty of room for improvement if you want to make suggestions, or if you know graphics people who’d like to earn some Human hours...

text heavy Invitation
2021 Session Room form -if you’d like to propose learning/skillshare sessions that you’d deliver or help deliver. We’ll need to work with you to streamline and consolidate these
2021 Virtual Expo Booth form- if you’d like to have an ‘expo booth’ throughout the summit, sharing your work. We’ll encourage you to schedule a couple times that you expect to ‘staff’ the booth, when you can chat with folks interested in your work.

Summit planning google doc - if you’d like to jump in and help shape it

Thanks much and take care,

Stephanie Rearick