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HUMANs board welcome + meeting scheduling

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2020-10-02 15:45:21
Hello HUMANs Board!

I hope this message finds you well. 

First, a very warm and hearty welcome to our new board members - Sybille Saint Girons, Delonte Wilkins, and Tim Jones

It’s time to set a new meeting time. We’re doing our best to accommodate people in both Europe and New Zealand so I’m starting with a limited time of day. If this never works for you let me know and give some other suggestions.
We could also choose to have staggered times if this just feels impossible to anyone. If not, we’re looking at 2-3pmCDT. We’ll try for one-hour board meetings, and can sometimes agree to go up to half-hour longer. but we’re pretty good at the shorter meetings lately.

I think we can also go for a monthly meeitng schedule (we’d been twice-monthly for the last few years) if we also add regular sister site meetups, which is on the overall agenda.

Here’s the scheduling poll for our standing HUMANs working board meeting. Please mark each one that you’d be able to do somewhat regularly.That means if you happen to be away for the exact date on there, but would generally be OK to meet that day each month, mark yourself available. Make sense?

And board members - can you please send me bios? about a paragraph is good, you can look at others’ for guidance here. And see if yours needs an update, if you have one up there.

Website revisions coming soon, including the showing of sister sites. Looking forward to seeing you all well-represented on there, and thanks for your patience while we work on it.

take care

Stephanie Rearick