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Fwd: Thanks for being a World Changer!

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2020-09-30 14:51:26
Hi all sorry for short notice but thos will be cool- please participate if you wish!!

- Stephanie Rearick
 (608) 443-8229

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From: MIchael LeftCulture <>
Date: September 29, 2020 at 9:18:49 PM CDT
To: Stephanie Rearick <>
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Subject: Re:  Thanks for being a World Changer!

👋🏾 Hi Stephanie,

Hope all is well. 

Can you please share an update on the folks who've agreed to be a part of the Conference dialog? Have you gotten a feedback from any of those who were in your last Solidarity event?

I'm available to chat tomorrow onwards. Please let me know if there's any way I can help. 


On Mon, Sep 28, 2020, 2:28 PM MIchael LeftCulture <> wrote:
Hi Stephanie, 

It was great to chat with you today. Fortunately, there's a real grounded resonance between our shared work and p.o.v's. I am so energized by how you understand the practical, personal and political need for the networking of networks of folks in our change making process. 

Here is the current overview of the session in which you and your folks will participate -  

"Towards a Movement of Movements: Cooperative Solidarity Economics and Collaborative Social Justice"  Draft DescriptionIn a time of converging crises... What does it mean to work in solidarity towards the economic, social, and cultural common good? And how are all of these goods intertwined. From Emergency Relief of many kinds prompted by environmental disaster, neglectful public policy, and endemic racism; to the Mutual Aid necessitated by unexpected pandemics within long-standing economic hardships. From ongoing Food Justice efforts in CSA's and Co-Ops to cultural collaboratives, finance mutuals, and worker-owned community enterprises. Solidarity Is Everywhere. At the same time that there's not enough solidarity to get us where we need to go. How do we build resilient networks for a change? What’s happening in Solidarity and what still needs to happen? In the face of destructive indifference, this is a session on the convergences of creativity. 

Note - We'll have the opportunity to refine and reframe some aspects of this over the next day or so. Please know that the goal is to meet the needs of attendees and set the stage for action. Did I get it correct that the above works for you and your Mutual Aid Networks' needs?

This will be only one (1) of three (3) related sessions in a track. It will happen virtually on October 4th 2020 from 10 am - 11:15 am. (Presenters are asked to be available both 15 minutes before and 10 minutes afterwards.) The other sessions on October 3rd are at 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm, and 3 pm - 4:15 pm, respectively. It'd be great if the you and other folks can attend as much of the tracks as appeal to you.

Please share this widely and have your folks register today and tomorrow. Have everyone get this out to those already doing the work. Also those who might be motivated to get in on the action. Of course all are welcome and it's free to participate. October 3rd & 4th 

Looking forward to it!

NYC-CEC (Community Energy Co-Op/Co-Op Power)
RJBK - (Racial Justice BK)
BJAC - (The Brooklyn Justice Action Coalition)
Common Good - Tools for a New Economy 

 Stephanie Rearick <> wrote:
Yes please it’s a great idea
When is the conference?
If there’s enough time id love to talk about it Wednesday instead of today because i am taking 2 days iff
But if it cant wait go ahead and call me a little later
Thanks for participating and for the nice words and good ideas

Take care

- Stephanie Rearick
 (608) 443-8229