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Hello HUMANs! Who wants to par [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2020-08-19 16:02:04

Hello HUMANs!
Who wants to participate in a Solidarity Summit at the end of September? I hope lots of us do :) Some of our awesome new partners/sisters are into it and it would be lovely to learn and connect together.

AND we need to hold our annual General Membership meeting which has typically happened during a summit around early fall. So whether or not you're in for a whole summit, please let us know if you have about 2 hours to spend together between Sept 25-27. More info and ways to register your interest and availability at this doc, which I'm now asking you to fill in

Oh- one more thing I forgot to make explicit. The annual meeting would be a great time to introduce our new sister projects. Meanwhile, Delonte and I are making an easy new sister site application which will turn into a nice one-pager for your project. Coming soon. If you want to help make it, or give suggestions, please be in touch.

Next Tuesday is our regular board meeting so hopefully I'll catch up with some of you then, or contact me at your leisure, and/or come to one of the other cool things happening like Friday noonCDT Big Picture Salons. really awesome partnerships and visions developing in that space.

love and peace and health to all of you