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one more reminder - today in under 4 hours (3pmCDT) board meeting!

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2020-08-11 16:14:00
Hello all!

I really hope you can join today’s HUMANs board meeting at 3pm CDT, same zoom, same everything as usual  Meet our new sister projects! 

If you like, crystallize your own project’s partnership in HUMANs. Or explore how we move forward on the timeline you need. Either way, we want you to be there to welcome these new folks if you’re available. And there’s so much potential right now...

..including streamline our agreement (if/however needed) and, if you’re willing, to also ‘formalize’ your projects as partners. That means putting them on our website (as you choose to be presented, and all the projects there need an update), agreeing to the core principles, and agreeing to let us help you share stuff at the MAP or wherever else you choose to repose your information - again, what you choose to share, on your terms. And we can modify our agreement to suit everyone, that’s been the desire.

There’s also a possibility of holding a Solidarity Summit sometime between late Aug-September (or whever suits most of us), so these are some good times to aim to shore ourselves up.

Here’s the current pilot site application, and again we’re happy to modify it, moving from the ‘pilot site’ to ‘partner project’ framework.

take care


Stephanie Rearick