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UnConference CO-CREATING OUR FUTURE STORIES OF HOPE AND ACTION A "Glocal" Asset And Strengths Based (Un)Conference

Kate Macdonald
- 2020-05-28 12:16:19
Hi everyone

At our meeting on Tuesday I briefly mentioned that I had been collaborating with the Jeder Institute (Dee and Michelle based in Australia) and attending their 'Day's Starting with T' zoom meet ups (Link her to the talks since lockdown - very excellent!!

I am now part of planning group for a 24 hour (un)conference (June 24/25) and proposed that we hosted a session/sessions on Mutual Aid Networks. I'm thinking we could incorporate learning from our sprint plus how MAN's are working in different pilot sites. Listening to Dawn describing her tool and linking this to some work in Australia done be a Professor of Systems Design who I interviewed recently and participatory tools from Jeder, I think there could be something really powerful about a session exploring mutual aid networks as a response to food sovereignty and regenerative food systems which also links into our work over here. We agreed it would be good to host a session. 

What do you think about the topic and who is in to plan it and host it? See links below for more info. 

I also spoke to Tom Llewellyn about potential of screening The Response as part of it. We screened this in Hull in February with Jeder facilitating a community conversation after with the questions and of course we saw it in Asheville in the summer. I think it would be interesting to show it as part of our session and maybe use the same questions we did in Hull:

Community Led Activation:
What are we sensing is needed now?
What has worked in the past?
How do we come together to create our preferred future?

Here is a link to our poster for that event which also had some framing questions. :

We could potentially do 2 slots - one 2 hour on Food and and the other on what next and role of mutual aid networks and solidarity economies. 

Need to get proposal in by 1st June. They know we are planning to put something in. Would also need to decide on a time slot. I would not want it to be any later than 6pm start (ideally earlier (say 4pm) which would be 10am central. 

Could we talk on the mutual aid call tomorrow at 6pm GMT? 


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