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Hello Our next HUMANs board me [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2020-05-22 16:04:00


Our next HUMANs board meeting is Tuesday May 26, 3pm. Hope you can make it! Please let me know if not.

We will entertain the idea of going to once a month, and replacing the second board meeting with work group sessions.

We really need your participation if you're able - there's so much happening in the world of mutual aid and we can be really helpful if we do well. I need help getting our activities into more and more effective work flows. If you help us get the systems flowing, everything will feel easier for each of us. For realz!!! and then can better support your local work, which will start to feel easier for everyone there.

really, imagine yourself held by a caring community, which itself is held by a caring community, and so on, and so on, and so on...

join us Tuesday and make it real!