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hello HUMANs board plus a coup [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2017-12-19 22:21:22

hello HUMANs board plus a couple followers of the group:
I'm writing with some updates for you and a request that you weigh in on one or two things if you haven't already.

Thanks to those who made it to our board meeting last Monday. We were one short of quorum but needed a vote on whether we join Collaborative Technology Alliance as an organization. All present voted in favor, and now Tim has joined that vote. I need to hear from Kate, Michael, and Rebecca that you have no objectsion in order to take action (or consent with concern) - we think it's simple and values-aligned but let me know if you see it differently and aren't comfortable with an email vote.

Also, we have yet to get our strategic plan summary written but I took the liberty of adding 3 clarifying bits of wording just to the titles of our core principles. You can see them here -
#s 8, 10, and 11
changes: #8 added word 'cooperative'
#10 added "Open, transparent"
#11 added "shared, Open-source"

anything that was substantive or changed any content other than headings I left for a more formal group process. For these I was in a rush to have them more solid before our Madison MAN lauch, where we pointed to them. Sorry if I was remiss but looking for your OK to leave them as-is and if not I'll change back.

Please reply to this message and let's get in the habit of working here. Also, we're hosting weekly work meetings on the MAP Tuesdays at 10am CDT except next week, and you're welcome to jump in and help. And learn! It's super useful

Thanks and enjoy your holiday season. Hope you get to rest and/or have fun and/or whatever you like to do

Take care