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hello all! We have our pilot s [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2018-09-25 18:15:47

hello all!

We have our pilot site meetup today in 46 minutes.

At our usual gotomeeting location here: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/381362061

We'll be focusing on Asheville NC's pilot site for the second edition of our new Solidarity Sprint. Join us!

their questions:
1) What is the daily felt experience we're trying to deliver to a regular member (not an organizer) of a regional HUMANs initiative like WNC HUMANs, and how do we deliver that experience? What I'm getting at is discovering how we make participation in a MAN so useful and compelling within the context of peoples' busy, stressful, complex lives that people participate and contribute regularly and recommend it word-of-mouth and it attains a critical momentum of involvement. What are some things that you have done or seen that have been successful at creating this felt sense of relevancy?

2) What are the most useful ways to organize programming for the Mutual Aid Podcast that Debra Penberthy and I are developing, and what topics should we seek "experts" in first?

3) Re-visiting the Poshterity budget in the context of the WNC HUMANs initiative and in particular the credit union and savings pools ideas. How do we create a coherent and understandable relationship between these different resource-sharing and personal financial tools so participants understand intuitively how it makes their lives better, and so we have a consistent development approach within our organizations?

4) And, if we have time: what are the goals and scope of each different HUMANs initiative, and how does articulating these overlaps and contrasts between different initiatives inform our collaboration/information sharing process in these calls? For example, some might be focused entirely on barter/skillshare opportunities within a certain city, others (like WNC) might be more expansive within a geographical region and with a different set of strategies and priorities. A Holistic Management approach for "stating the purpose" of each initiative might start to reveal a patterns language of different archetypal kinds of HUMANs initiative that are currently being lumped together, and give us all more clarity as we develop our projects and seek to translate experiences from one setting to another.