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Michael Giroux
- 2018-06-19 01:11:44

Next Pilot Site Web Meeting

Good day! It is nearly time again for our next call happening Tuesday, June 26, from 9-11am Central Time.

We will be doing a live experiential session with the Mutual Aid Platform, where we can learn together how to use more of it's functions, and be on hand to support one another in case of blocks. There has been a lot of progress to the platform here!

I hope most of you already have login cred to the Mutual Aid Platform so we can jump right in on the call! If you need help getting logged in, reach out to us here so we can get you on there ahead of the call. Thank you.


Tuesday 6/26/2018 9-11am - Meeting access instructions ->> http://www.mutualaidnetwork.org/man-web-meeting-access-instructions/