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by John Allen <cherishedearth@auckanglican.org.nz> - 2018-06-08 21:59:20
My apologies for this meeting, we are exhibiting at NZ Fieldays.

John Allen
021 46 36 86

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On 9/06/2018, at 9:00 AM, Michael Giroux <providencepower@mutualaidnetwork.org> wrote:

Good day all,
Reminder and Notice of Meeting for the 2nd Tuesday June 12, from 1-3pm Central time to continue the Pilot Site conversation.
For a fun challenge, let's each consider inviting one extra to the meeting. Ideally I sense we are sharing experiences, techniques and skills that may be powerful information; who may want to hear and learn?

Agenda ideas:
planning future sessions - themes, scheduling thoughts

Posh Life
Vision to Action
Energy Cooperative
Land Trusts
Etc. by offer

replicating, developing, delivering, sharing sessions at home
(let's establish good notes, recording, etc. to set ourselves up for this)

Please add more agenda ideas if they come to you~

As always, meeting instructions are on the mutualaidnetwork.com site under "Resources".
Hope you can make it~