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Greetings All! Thank you for r [...]

Michael Giroux
- 2018-05-07 03:13:25

Greetings All!
Thank you for responding to the request! We have a fair correlation around making the call on ***Tuesday May 8th, at 10am Eastern.*** That is this week.
Meeting access will be Gotomeeting: http://www.mutualaidnetwork.org/man-web-meeting-access-instructions/ visit this link for details on joining.

This is our current potential Agenda Ideas:
Intros and Vision/Mission/Aims from Pilot Site Stewards
Updates in progress: what is blocking, what opportunities arising?
How can we support each other? What do each of us need?
Identify our common resource needs that can be achieved through HUMANs
Identify potential small groups to spin off from this meeting, and/or actions.

(open to adding or reducing this agenda, feel free to respond here with your ideas)

I am curious to hear from others on this call, I find myself honored to share space with everyone who comes here to carry on this work of organizing, inspiring, and creating together.

Zev made a great suggestion for a google doc with the Agenda for us to refine together; to make this even thicker we may do this through the MAP - visit this link: https://map.mutualaidnetwork.org/web#id=282&view_type=form&model=project.task&action=405&active_id=33 and click "Edit", one should find a field with the agenda where one can edit in real time. Give it a go and put the MAP to the test!
If this doesn't work, reply here! Let us know how it goes, make agenda suggestions right here, etc. Other could make a google doc too, but I am migrating away from there and sticking with the MAP as much as possible!!

I look forward to connecting with you!! Thank you for being involved~~~~

Michael Giroux