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Good day! Folks, I am current [...]

Michael Giroux
- 2018-04-23 12:59:57

Good day!

Folks, I am currently working out of town, and our location does not have internet access. This is making the coordination a stretch for me! I just now am back in contact and there is not enough notice to do a call today. Please forgive the circumstance.
I will be off the mainland again until this coming Saturday.
Currently the poll is not showing much more congruence. There is some potential for Tuesday May 8th, either morning or evening. If folks haven't filled the extended times, please do so we can try and include as many as we may.
This is one of the busiest times of year here so please bear with me, thanks for your participation!! Next week I will be working locally and able to communicate, so let's hope to organize a call the week beyond that.
Thanks! Have a great day.