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Greetings to the Mutual Aid Ne [...]

Michael Giroux
- 2018-04-11 00:10:55

Greetings to the Mutual Aid Network Pilot sites and coordinators!
I am reaching out to pursue a meeting to share our progress, identify common areas of blocking, share what is going well, and anything else for a fruitful conversation. Part of our purpose working within Mutual Aid Networks is the potent benefit of learning from one another, and moving together to form a groundswell of cooperative organizing.

Agenda Ideas:
Intros and Vision/Mission/Aims from Pilot Site Stewards
Updates in progress: what is blocking, what opportunities arising?
How can we support each other? What do each of us need?
Identify our common resource needs that can be achieved through HUMANs
Identify potential small groups to spin off from this meeting, and/or actions.

(open to adding or reducing this agenda, feel free to respond here with your ideas)

Here is a link for scheduling. If all these times are impossible, contact me with other good times.

The poll allows for 2hour meetings. I hope we can have ample time to hear from everyone, as this will be a unique time for us to check in on our various, parallel work in organizing. If a shorter meeting is realistic, we can adjust the agenda order to make sure and identify common goals and anything else we all hope to comment on within time we all have.

A reply to this message should be visible to everyone; you are welcome to help create the agenda, schedule, etc. The Mutual Aid Platform here has been seeing a lot of progress. Look forward to another meeting soon focused on learning together how to more fully use this site.

Hoping good for each of you and our chance to connect in the next few weeks. Thank you~

Michael Giroux

Fertile Underground Natural Cooperative