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Hello all! I've set up a discu [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2019-11-22 21:23:32

Hello all!

I've set up a discussion group, on the Mutual Aid Platform (MAP), in order to get us started setting up our local Common Good Community and getting you your Common Good cards.

Because the Madison MAN Cooperative is going to be our local governing body for our Common Good Community, we want each card-holder to be a member. I think all the current interested parties are already members, so go ahead and start the sign-up process here:

Let me know if you run into trouble.

And we'll pull together a gathering to discuss how we want to govern our loan and gift-making once we start signing up. Let me know if you have particular needs or preferences on that front (meeting times, how soon, not wanting to add a meeting, etc).


ps I'll likely send a regular email too in case your spam filters catch this. For now please reply if you received it