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Hello all! For now, we're stil [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2020-03-13 15:56:37

Hello all!

For now, we're still planning to continue life as usual at the MAW, and ask you to stay home if you're sick at all or not comfortable being around other people, to take good care of yourselves with frequent hand-washing and water drinking, and to commit to taking care of one another. Including by figuring out how we make lasting changes during this pause of business-as-usual.

Sunday Skool 2-4 is another casual working toward Everywhere Gardens, especially planning activities and materials for

Monday Action Jam potluck 6-8 (please bring a dish to pass!) where we'll make our next steps on the Everywhere Gardens project

and in between those we have our regular Dreamtime Monday 12-2 (this Monday we draw up James' big housing-cooperative enterprise dream, map it with synergistic people and projects here and elsewhere)

and Madison MAN Board meeting Monday 2-3:30

Action packed!

Hope you can join us. we can also connect via zoom for folx who want or need to stay home, please arrange with me in advance