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Hello all Today we have our re [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2020-02-12 18:42:32

Hello all

Today we have our regular weekly meetings - 3pm Hump Day, 4-5pm MAW space sharing. Hump day is any issue you need to bring up (space sharing issues get a bit of priority, but you're also welcome to bring things you're stuck with to see if you can get some support). MAW space sharing is what it sounds like, for members and participants (potential members too, if you like) in the Mutual Aid Workspace to work through how we share space, structure memberships, recruit members, pay our bills, make our programming effective.

I'll send a mass mailing soon too but mark your calendars for:
Mon. Feb. 17, 6-8pm Mutual Aid Action Jam potluck
Thur. Feb. 20, 4-6pm Mutual Aid Solidarity Summit #1: Common Funds. we'll gather in person and be joined online by groups in: NZ, BC, MS, and more. To learn how to launch our common funds (esp. BC and Madison) on the right foot
Mon. Feb 24, 2-4 Posh Life workshop (right after dreamtime)

all activities described here are at the Social Justice Center, in the Mutual Aid Workspace, 1202 Williamson St. suite 102

thanks! See you soon!