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Hello Madison MANs! Please mee [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2019-09-09 14:49:59

Hello Madison MANs!

Please meet for our regular Wed. 4pm governance meeting, and help with the following:

the MCDC grant which is due Sept 13. Josh set up a google doc for collaborating on it, and a lot of what was written for 2018 can be used and built on.

troubleshooting our cash flow problems - rent is due tomorrow and we're short. We've discussed a few options, including early rent payments (undesirable, and we should be thinking of displacing a farther-future payment and/or establishing our own kind of common fund) and various fundraising options, and need to kick those in.

As you know, I'm on the road. I'm learning a ton that should help when I get back home. And it's really hard to carve out time for work on grants, and I've been hoping for some significant assistance from home. I'll need to know asap what I need to cover myself.

thank you lovely people for carrying the load while I'm away, and I hope this trip results in some great forward momentum for us

Thanks much