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hey there we do a pilot site m [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2019-01-21 20:37:50

hey there

we do a pilot site meetup online twice a month and I'd love if any of you want to join to also represent the MadMAN. and our ranks are about to expand so if you don't maybe some new folks will. But next one is tomorrow and if you want to be there cool. Otherwise I just want to know if I should get these on your radar. There's a separate messaging group for them, which you can just join or you can ask me to show you how or add you. but try it, it might be easy for you - at 'messaging' in the MAP, click 'join group'

and here's the invite for tomorrow:

TOMORROW - Tue 2.22 from 2-4pm CST
we will host our regular twice-monthly pilot site meetup. Feel free to invite folks from your site, let's start building more leadership and expanding our teams.

Regular gotomeeting. Open discussion and making plans for more coordinated future conversations, getting back to assisting folks applying to become pilots and also doing the Solidarity Sprints.
More meeting instructions here: