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Hello all! Please fill in the [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2019-01-07 19:37:01

Hello all!

Please fill in the doodle poll I sent out, if you haven't already. We got some planning and work to do! And it's getting fun and exciting and beautiful. We're gonna open our MAW!

I made a little draft of a schedule I'm thinking of for opening day, Jan 20.

What do you think? You should be able to see pretty easily when we'd really really want you to be there, and when you'd like to be there. Let me know if these time frames work for you, and if you like the overall approach. And we'll discuss at our meeting which I'll schedule asap

Planning MAW soft open - task in MAP under MAW project
Starting a draft schedule for soft open Sunday Jan 20

12-12:30 welcome reception
12:30-1:30 MAW partners - internal
1:30-2 reception
2 - 3 MAW partners - external (local biz, allied coop, etc)
3-3:30 reception
3:30-4:30 MAW partners - global (HUMANs board, adv board, and pilots)
4:30 - 5 reception
5 - 6 the methods to our MANness - poshterity budgeting, common fund, project development, the MAP

the names don't have to be these, just trying to get the gist across.