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Hello all! We're so close to b [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2019-01-05 20:59:38

Hello all!

We're so close to being ready to open. Date still Sunday Jan. 20. I'm thinking either 2-6 or 12-6. Thoughts?

I'd like to have some program and some mingling. And all of you who wish, demonstrating what you do in some way.

I have a couple workshoppy things I'd like to do to orient people to timebanking, connecting with projects, and common fund stuff. Would love John to talk how infoshop lending library and zine library work, Lorrie to do timebank updates and activities in addition to the stuff we focus on with MAN and project stuff (if you want), Steve to intro interpreters' coop and MCDC, Lora and Jerry CGBC, etc etc. Annie with SJC overall.


We need to meet soon to plan our open and also make decisions about how we share our space, and finalize (for now) its furnishings, amenities, policies, and governance.

There's also a building-wide SJC meeting being planned, and if it makes sense for most of us we can do these back-to-back. Let me know your preferences.

Here's a doodle to start us off. Setting aside 2 hours but we can likely keep it to 1.5.

Please fill in asap!

Thanks much