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Stephanie announced a video in [...]

Steve Bosserman
- 2017-12-08 13:34:15

Stephanie announced a video introduction to MAN she posted in the message to Project Communications Operations below:

“hey everyone, I just posted my video from my media training with Laura Flanders. I don't say what MANs are but it or parts of it might be useful anyway. Or at least as learning for me, so please feel to give constructive (gentle! it's video for godsake!) criticism“

I responded by asking her if she saw her video as part of Michael G’s seven-part public web series about HUMAN he plans to launch on December 20th. It seemed like a good way to leverage related communication efforts underway in both locations that we can all take advantage of.

Realizing now that it would have been better if I had responded here, I’m making amends by reposting the exchange. Thanks for bearing with me as I attempt to learn more about how to participate in this forum...