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Hi comm group! I am hoping to [...]

Michael Giroux
- 2017-11-27 19:31:01

Hi comm group! I am hoping to host a public web series, to discuss the broad scope and vision of Mutual Aid Networks, pepper in some tutorial (more conceptual, less technical), and generate understanding of what the endeavor is about, and how it may interplay with someones life.

I wonder how we would like to promote and engage. I would like to start on December 20, it is a 7-part series planned. I think adding it to our Calendar would be a good place, all the info can be there simply.
Perhaps also a "blog post" can announce the series, include the schedule and outline. This also brings me to the need to understand my "levity and permissions" to act within the group. Which comes to our governance and scopes of activity.

Also, welcome to my test of our chat group here.

~Michael G