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well, HUMANs, it's an All Hand [...]

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 2020-03-14 21:28:57

well, HUMANs, it's an All Hands on Deck moment

we're going to have a special Solidarity Summit this Monday March 16, 6-8pm CDT (check time zone here, at zoom


how can we put our frameworks into action quickly, in service to our communities' immediate needs and also to lasting change?

we'll discuss and brainstorm some local approaches
share tools we have or know of
identify where we can partner and/or expedite ongoing work to serve immediate crisis response and mutual aid needs

Please help recruit to participate -
Our tech interops partners
Friends and friends-of-friends offering and building learning materials
Community crisis response and mutual aid groups

here's looking at you, MADR, Lynn, Bob, Mayel, Scott M(both), Tim J, DCTB folks, Madison MAN, CoLab, Peoples' Hub, Kate, Blair A, IWW General Defense Committee, etc. Who can make it? We'll have more later in the week too, please be in touch if you want to move together on this