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Hi Folks, We have a chance to [...]

Tim Dalton
- 2017-05-04 11:10:33

Hi Folks,
We have a chance to put on a panel discussion at the Left Forum this year, but the deadline for submission of our idea is due TOMORROW, Friday May 5, 2017. We need at least 3 speakers/panelists. I need help TODAY from anyone who can participate in New York, the 3rd or 4th of June, 2017. It's OK to participate by Skype and will be provided by the forum. We don't have a topic yet, but something about Open Cooperativism, Solidarity Economics, Inter-and trans-group communications and exchange, developing a regional plan, whatever, but we have to do this now. PLEASE step up if you have avaialble time that weekend and PLEASE suggest others for the panel who we can contact TODAY. If you know someone, contact them directly to see if they are available. I'm attaching the submission document so you can see the information required. I'm available by phone today. 973 853-4134 (land line) 862 377-9492 (cell and text). Good luck to us all!